Spacebar 100 Hits in 10 Seconds Challenge

Welcome, to this Spacebar 100 Hits in 10 Seconds Challenge. In contrast to other spacebar challenges on Joltfly, this challenge involves two different constraints: time limit and score limit. So, let’s get started by tapping on the play button.

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Unlike other challenges, this one is a bit tricky where you have to take care of spacebar hits and time limit at the same time. Most importantly, you can easily dominate this challenge the moment you become accustomed to it. Meanwhile, give a shot to these amazing Spacebar Counter challenges as well.

Joltfly | Spacebar 100 Hits in 10 Seconds Challenge HPS-Features

So, do you know that? The champion of this challenge completed the one hundred spacebar key hits in just 8.33 seconds with an insane 12 HPS score.