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This Mouse Acceleration Test allows you to monitor the real-time acceleration of your mouse. Meanwhile, mouse acceleration depicts the speed at which the mouse cursor moves as you move the mouse from its resting position.

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We receive many questions about whether gamers should enable mouse acceleration in their games. In general, enabling mouse acceleration is not the best option for most users.

You might find that enabling mouse acceleration makes your aim inconsistent and it feels unnatural. Therefore, most games do not support it by default and you have to enable it yourself.

Online Mouse Acceleration Test

This amazing tool allows you to perform a mouse test to measure the negative and positive mouse acceleration in real-time.

With this tool, you can quickly and effectively assess the performance of your mouse to ensure optimal performance.

Meanwhile, mouse acceleration is a feature in some games that will increase the speed of your mouse as you move it faster.

Mouse acceleration is intended to make your cursor movement speed more smooth and more precise.

In practice, however, it can be challenging to get used to it and it can cause problems with fine control, especially in first-person shooter games.

Importance Of Mouse Acceleration In Gaming

Mouse acceleration is a feature that changes the mouse cursor speed depending on how fast the mouse is being moved.

As a result, gamers typically use it for incredible responsiveness when making quick turns and other movements in games.

There are two main types of mouse acceleration in games discussed below.

Active Acceleration

Active acceleration means that the mouse actually moves toward the direction of the cursor as per the user’s settings.

Moreover, active acceleration is considered the best type of acceleration, but it is not always available in games.

Passive Acceleration

The second type of acceleration is called passive. In the case of passive acceleration, the game automatically scales mouse movement depending on the range of the cursor.

Gamers can adjust the scaling factor (also called sensitivity) in most games, so this type of acceleration can be good or bad, depending on your preferences.

The Takeaway

Active and passive acceleration impact in-game speed and aim precision and overall comfort and convenience of gameplay. 

For example, if you have a slow computer or a low framerate, it may be better to use passive acceleration to get a higher framerate or faster response time from your mouse. 

Some people might prefer active acceleration because they are more precise at aiming, and they want to keep their steadiness while using a slow computer or low framerate. 

Keep in mind, though, that mouse acceleration can be annoying if you don’t like it. So if it messes up your gaming experience, consider turning it off.

Features of Mouse Acceleration Test

With this fantastic tool, gamers can monitor mouse acceleration, So they can adjust it to their liking, or turn it completely off if they prefer it that way.

While this Mouse Acceleration Test provides you with extensive metrics of your mouse movement, it is more than just a monitoring tool.

Here are some of the features this helpful tool has to offer:

First of all, you can monitor the movement of your mouse cursor along the x-axis and y-axis in pixels.

Moreover, you can also observe the negative and positive acceleration along with your mouse’s maximum and real-time acceleration.

Joltfly - Mouse Acceleration Test Features

How To Use Mouse Acceleration Test

This fantastic tool is quite simple and easy to use with a self-explanatory design. Meanwhile, anybody with basic knowledge of speed metrics can benefit from this tool.

All you need to do is move your mouse cursor inside the playground to get the real-time acceleration of your mouse and other valuable metrics that can help you configure your mouse settings better.

It’s essential to recognize mouse acceleration issues and adjust your game settings accordingly so you can have the most enjoyable and thriving gaming experience possible.


Should I keep mouse acceleration on or off?

Mouse acceleration makes the mouse pointer move faster on mouse movements. If your mouse is set to accelerate, you might notice that it’s harder to make fine and precise movements during the game. Therefore, it all comes down to personal preference whether you prefer mouse acceleration or not. However, if you are new to gaming, it is best not to use this feature for a better gaming experience.

What is the recommended setting for mouse acceleration?

The effect of mouse acceleration varies from person to person. Some people prefer the low setting, some prefer the high setting, and some like it in between. Thus, there is no correct setting for mouse acceleration. The best you can do is find one that feels comfortable for you.