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Play this game to catch out how fast you can click using the jitter technique formulated by Minecraft gamers in this Jitter Click Test.

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Basically, jitter clicking is strategic mouse-clicking in which users can click their mouse or touchpads with extensive speed. This technique can help you dominate your opponent in games when it matters the most in conditions like one-on-one combat, sharpshooting games, particularly in different Minecraft game modes.

Jitter Click Online Test

Thanks to the gaming community for casting such an incredible methodology for fellow gamers. In jitter click, the whole arm muscles are utilized instead of just finger muscles to produce a burst of clicks.

In order to jitter click, first, relax your fingers and arm muscles, then gently place your dominant finger on the tip of the mouse button. After that, instead of tapping with your fingers, quake your arm muscles to generate a burst of vibration on the mouse button, eventually resulting in massive clicks per second.

Although we have mentioned the jitter clicks procedure, however, you can master it only with an extensive amount of consistent practice and training from scratch, as it says great things take time.


We would highly recommend taking a fair amount of rest in between your clicking sessions to avoid health conditions such as Arthritis and Carpal tunneling. Still, you need to not worry about these conditions if you take a balanced approach, not overdoing stuff.

Features of Jitter Click Test

Like other games on Joltfly, this game is also optimized for an exceptional user experience. This click test is specifically designed for the gamers to practice their skills here to exercise in sharp-shooting games, combat games, player versus player, and other modes of Minecraft games.

Additionally, there is no need to download fancy games or software to test your click speed when you can do the same on this website online. So, challenge your limits and take a part in this click marathon to check your click speed and practice to further enhance it to perfection.

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Importance Of Jitter Click Test

We all know that clicking fast is important especially if you are a gamer, but how do you improve your mouse control?

The Jitter Click Test game will help you learn to click faster. You’ll be able to measure your progress as well as compare yourself with other players from around the world in this free online Jitter Click Test.

This fun and addictive game will let you practice your mouse skills so that when it comes time for a real-world exam, like an FPS match or a League of Legends ranked queue or Minecraft PVP you can react quickly and accurately!

How to Play Jitter Click Game

This game is outright simple and easy to play. All you need to do is tap on the clicking area of this unblocked version of the game to get as many clicks as possible using the jitter clicking technique we explained earlier.

Click on the dedicated area fastest you can for ten seconds straight, and after 10 seconds, an automatic popup message will show up featuring your CPS score and the rank you achieve based on your performance.

Moreover, share your ranks and scores on social media with your friends and replay this game to get better at clicking with time. This click test is more about practicing your skill, so practice a lot to take your skills to a good level and dominate in real-time games like Minecraft.

Note: we recommend clearing your browser’s cache and cookies before playing this game as loads of cookies and ladened cache can slow down your browser, eventually plodding your performance.

Picking the Right Device

So in this click test, the proper tapping device is most important than any other thing. If you don’t have the right device, how can you outperform your competitors? Therefore the appropriate mouse can give you and handsome amount of edge over your opponents and even if you are looking to set a record for the most clicks in the Jitter Click Test.

These are the properties you should look for while picking up the right device.

Your mouse should be imperishable as it is going to deal with a lot of hammering.

Go for the latest technologies and use optical and laser mouses instead of traditional and mechanical mouses.

Last but not least, go for the mouse, which is the right fit for your hands and feels good while holding it in your hands.


What is jitter clicking, and how fast can you jitter click?

Jitter clicking is a technique devised by the Minecraft gaming community to get higher clicks per second. Moreover, you can get over a 20 CPS score if you click fast enough using this technique. You can make your own world record(WR) of jitter clicks if you achieve the highest score.

How to do jitter click and aim for beginners?

So as to achieve command on jitter click, use a steady hand and generate vibration using your arm muscles and transfer it to your pointing fingers to generate a burst of clicks in a short time and keep your hands steady and stable to aim better at your target or opponent.

What is the best mouse for jitter clicking?

The best for jitter clicking is the one with the latest technologies and, Most Importantly, which feels good in your hands and you are comfortable using.

How to jitter click with a lousy mouse or regular mouse?

Although an adequate mouse is recommended for jitter clicking, however, it does not mean you can’t get desirable results using a regular or worn-out mouse. So, for the best results, keep things simple and use your whole arm muscles to generate abundant clicks, and avoid going extra harsh on older devices as jitter clicking can break them completely.