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Joltfly is a lightweight source of trainer games and online tests that focuses on training, stability, speed, and accessibility. Start your training off in the right direction & eventually start dominating in your gaming circle with enhanced skills.

Joltfly Trainer Games & Tests


Click Speed Test

The Click Speed Test lets you check how fast you can click with your mouse or touchpad & practice your skills.

Joltfly Advanced Click Tests

Do You Want To Improve Your Game?

Joltfly is an online platform that will help you develop the skills needed to become an expert in your favorite games like Minecraft. We offer games for all levels of play, from beginner to advanced.

Our games are designed by professionals who know what it takes to be successful in the field of gaming. You can choose from our wide variety of trainer games including Click Speed Test, Spacebar Counter, Drag Click Test, and more!

With Joltfly’s training mode, you can focus on specific areas of your game like speed clicking or drag clicking. If you’re looking for something fun but challenging then check out our spacebar challenges where gamers compete against time!

And don’t forget about accessibility – we have options available for both beginners and advanced-level gamers so everyone can enjoy playing their favorite games with friends!

Get Your Game On With Joltfly

Save time in training by playing games that feel like a game and not just a boring activity.

Benefit from increased speed, accuracy, and precision through this fun way to train.

Boost your gaming skills to the next level with these quick and easy tests. No need for extensive sessions when you can have all the same benefits quickly!

Increase skill levels to impress friends/competitors in your circle.