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Want your mouse to work smoothly? You can test the polling rate of your mouse with this Mouse Polling Rate Test and later adjust it for a far better experience.

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Most importantly, polling rate is attributed to the number of times your mouse signals its position to the computer, not how sensitive or responsive your mouse is.

Online Mouse Rate Checker & Polling Rate Test

The polling rate of your mouse determines how frequently it communicates the location of your cursor to your computer.

Gamers prefer a higher rate, but it can overwhelm low-end systems and cause lag if the computer cannot quickly process incoming data.

It’s essential to find a balance and adjust your mouse’s polling rate accordingly to minimize lag and achieve optimal performance.

You can also use the Mouse Latency Test to test your mouse and ensure that it has minimum lag.

Features of Mouse Polling Rate Test

Just like other tests available on this website, this particular test is quite simple and easy to use.

This test comes with simple yet exciting features so you can get the task done comfortably. The prime features of this test are mentioned below:

You can quickly test your mouse and touchpad’s polling rate online without any need to download fancy software.

The results of this test are compact, and to the point, so you can utilize the resultant information to adjust the polling rate of your device as per your requirements.

The polling rate in this test is measured and reported in Hertz (Hz).

Joltfly - Mouse Rate Checker & Polling Rate Test Features

How To Use Mouse Polling Rate Test

This fantastic Mouse Polling Rate Test is quite simple to use due to its self-explanatory design.

In order to simply use this test, tap on the play ▶ button and start moving your mouse around or move your fingers within your touchpad so you can observe the polling rate of your device in Hertz on the dedicated section.

Meanwhile, you can easily observe the average and maximum amount of the polling rate hit by your device to get an idea of what is your mouse’s usual polling rate.

Moreover, you can quickly stop the test session by tapping on the stop button anytime during this test.

Furthermore, you can also press the reset button to retake this test as many times as you wish.

Common Polling Rates With Corresponding Response Time

Polling Rate (Hz)Response Time (ms)
Common Polling Rates Of Mouse With Their Corresponding Response Time


What is an ideal polling rate for a mouse?

There is no perfect answer to this question. It depends on your hand, computer speed, and the type of task you perform. A polling rate of 125 Hz is more than enough for day-to-day web browsing. Generally, 500Hz is more than enough for gaming. However, a polling rate of 1000 Hz is highly recommended for advanced-level gamers.

How to change the polling rate of the mouse?

You can easily change the polling rate of your mouse via its control panel. Each brand of the mouse comes with a unique control panel. You can check your mouse manufacturer’s website to learn how to change its polling rate.