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Welcome to this Derp Click Test where you guys can test how good you are with derp clicking. Meanwhile, the rules of this test are pretty simple first, learn the technique, then click as fast as possible while utilizing your derp clicking skills.

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Mainly, this test is a simple yet effective way to train for derp clicking. In order to increase your accuracy in this clicking method, practice this test, and with consistency, you can master it in no time.

Derp Click Online Test

This clicking method is relatively easy to grasp. You just need to practice consistently.

In the beginning, you may fail a bit, but after extensive amounts of practice, you will become an expert at this clicking method.

While derp clicking, it is easier to hit your max mouse clicks. By learning the correct hand position, you will achieve your fastest clicks.

Moreover, because the hand position is comfortable, you rarely fail at derp clicking or cause your hand muscles or fingers to cramp up.

The fact that you can use this clicking method in games other than Minecraft, where you need to click fast, makes it worth learning.

What Is Derp Clicking Method?

Derp clicking is one of the fastest clicking methods ever discovered. Meanwhile, derp clicking is not just about clicking fast. It also helps you click with precision. The moment you get hold of this superb technique, there is no one stopping you.

Features of Derp Click Test

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How to Do Derp Clicking?

Derp clicking is not as hard to master as some in the gaming community have led you to believe.

In order to perform derp clicking, first, hold your mouse upside down in between your index and ring finger and place your middle finger against the mouse so that it touches the mouse button while its tips touch the surface of the table.

Afterward, drag your middle finger across the table to generate immense clicks with vibration.


How can I track my progress on the Derp Click Test?

You can easily track your progress in the Derp Click Test by keeping track of your CPS and click scores in each session. You can also try to beat your previous record to get better at clicking.

How long does it take to learn derp clicking?

If you’re a beginner, it might take longer to get a grip on derp clicking, but you can definitely push yourself to learn it as fast as possible. In the end, it all comes down to individual potential.