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Welcome to this exciting Scroll Speed Test, where you can test how fast you can roll your scroller using your mouse scroll wheel or mouse touchpad. So, check how many pixels you can traverse in a second to find your Pixels Per Second score.

Well,  mouse users usually use the mouse wheel normally placed in between the right and left mouse buttons to traverse pages or documents. Meanwhile, laptop users use the touchpad for the same purpose. So this tool enables you to test your mouse and touchpad’s fast scrolling capabilities.

Mouse Roller & Touchpad Scroller Speed Test

Most importantly, this test is specifically designed for the mouse users to test how fast they can scroll with the mouse wheel. 

Meanwhile, touchpad users can also use this test to learn how efficient their scrolling skills are.

In addition, this test showcases your score in pixels per second format.

Thus, it actually detects how many pixels are traversed using the scroller or touchpad within a second and depicts your score on the same screen where you are supposed to scroll.

How to use Scroll Speed Test

This test is quite simple and easy to use, just like any other test available on this website.

First of all, simply navigate your cursor inside the scroll box indicating “SCROLL HERE!” and start scrolling with your maximum potential.

It will showcase and keep a record of your best score in the session as well so you can beat your own best score in the upcoming rounds.

Features Of The Scroll Speed Test

This test will enhance your skills to the next level of excellence and enable you to outsmart your opponents in competitive scenarios.

Unlike other scroller tests available online, this test does not behave abnormally while you scroll in the designated box keeping your experience intact.

The designated box of justice changes its colors as you progress in the test making your encounter pleasant and joyful at the same time.

Joltfly | Scroll Speed Test Features


What is the Scroll Speed Test?

It is a test designed for our users to test their scrolling speed efficiently so they can learn about how swiftly they can use the scroll wheel and get better at it with consistent practice.

How do I fix my scroll speed?

You guys can adjust your scroll speed in a few simple steps. Hold the window key and press R (Window + R), type main.cpl, and hit enter; it will open mouse properties in the wheel section; you can easily adjust the scroll speed.