Spacebar Hits Per Forty Seconds | Challenge

Tapping on the spacebar key for forty seconds straight with some blistering speed is not an easy task to do. Only real challengers can complete this Spacebar Hits Per Forty Seconds Challenge.

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Without a doubt, this challenge is one of the most demanding spacebar challenges on this website. Therefore we will recommend practicing a lot on simpler spacebar challenges before getting started with this challenge. Moreover, while playing this spacebar challenge, try to stay calm but persistent in approach for success.

Features of Spacebar Hits Per Forty Seconds Challenge

Joltfly | Spacebar Hits Per Forty Seconds HPS-Features

So, do you know that? The most spacebar clicks ever registered on this spacebar challenge are 441, making it an almost 11 HPS score. Play this game with a consistent approach to replace this score with your own record.