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Now, you can use our Mouse DPI/eDPI Calculator to find your perfect eDPI and enhance your gaming experience to the next level of excellence.

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You can adjust the DPI of your mouse via software or your mouse’s DPI button. Pro players prefer low-DPI settings for enhanced stability and accuracy.

Find Perfect Mouse Sensitivity with Mouse DPI/eDPI Calculator

Calculate your true mouse sensitivity across various games with our online tool that measures your effective dots per inch (eDPI). 

Easily customize your mouse settings with the help of our mouse DPI/eDPI calculator, which assists you in adjusting your mouse DPI and in-game sensitivity to match your playstyle and preferences.

What is eDPI?

eDPI is a measure of how fast your cursor moves for every inch of physical movement on the X and Y axis. It’s calculated by multiplying your DPI and in-game sensitivity.

This simplifies sensitivity speed comparison and ensures consistent aim and movement across all games and applications. 

You can use this DPI/eDPI calculator to determine your equivalent eDPI for different games, as eDPI varies across games.

What is DPI?

DPI determines cursor movement on the screen per inch of mouse movement.

Higher DPI makes the mouse more sensitive, causing the cursor to move faster but demanding greater precision to avoid overshooting or undershooting. 

What is Sensitivity?

Sensitivity in gaming determines how quickly your cursor moves with your mouse movements. 

It’s measured as a decimal or percentage and adjustable in-game settings or console commands. 

Higher sensitivity means faster cursor movement, which makes aiming and turning more effortless, but accuracy requires consistency.

Comparing sensitivity between games is difficult due to varying calculation methods.

Benefits of Using a Mouse DPI/eDPI Calculator

Gamers can optimize mouse settings for different games and platforms with this eDPI calculator.

It multiplies the mouse DPI and in-game sensitivity to determine the true sensitivity.

This allows gamers to compare and adjust their sensitivity for various genres and mechanics.

It also helps gamers maintain muscle memory consistency eventually enhancing their mouse efficiency.

Mouse DPIeDPI Calculator-Features

How to Use the Mouse DPI/eDPI Calculator?

Calculate your mouse DPI/eDPI quickly with our user-friendly calculator. Follow these simple steps:

Choose your sensitivity type: decimal or percentage.

Decide whether to enable Windows sensitivity or not.

Enter your mouse DPI and sensitivity values.

If Windows Sensitivity is enabled, enter that value as well.

The calculator will automatically update the result as you make changes.

You can also click the update button to see the result anytime.

Our calculator displays your mouse sensitivity in decimal or percentage form, so you easily know your real sensitivity.

How to Change Your DPI or Sensitivity in Different Games?

To adjust the sensitivity of your mouse, use the DPI button if available or access the mouse software or game options. Customize your settings via the software, accessible from the taskbar or Start Menu. 

In games, navigate to Controls, Mouse, or Gameplay tabs and look for Sensitivity or Sens setting to adjust using a decimal number or percentage. Precise adjustments may be possible through console commands in some games.


Can i use this tool on my mobile device?

Our tool is fully responsive and compatible with various screen sizes and resolutions. You can easily access it through any web browser on your smartphone or tablet. However, some mobile games may not allow you to adjust DPI or sensitivity settings. If that’s the case, consider using the PC or console version of the game to make the changes you need.

How to calculate your eDPI?

Input your DPI and sensitivity settings into our eDPI calculator, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our calculator factors in all relevant hardware and software, ensuring accurate results.

What is recommended eDPI for Fortnite?

For precise gameplay in Fortnite, pros suggest using a low-range eDPI of 32-82. Utilize our DPI/eDPI Calculator to determine your ideal eDPI range based on your playstyle and the game’s sensitivity settings.

What is recommended eDPI for CS: GO?

Accurate aim and control over weapon spray patterns are crucial for CS: GO players. Professional players opt for lower eDPI, averaging around 900. Elite players may have eDPI over 1500. Find your perfect eDPI with our DPI/eDPI Calculator.

What is recommended eDPI for Valorant?

In Valorant, precision is crucial due to its low time-to-kill and zero margin for error. Pro players have an average eDPI of 280. Our Mouse DPI/eDPI Calculator can assist in finding the ideal sensitivity and control. It’s not limited to Valorant and is beneficial for all levels of gamers.

How to Find Your Optimal eDPI?

Your ideal eDPI depends on unique factors like game preference, playing style, and mouse grip. Start with a lower eDPI range of 400-800 and adjust it gradually until it feels comfortable. Experiment with different settings until you find the best fit for you.