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Tap on the click area below as fast as you can for ten seconds straight to get your CPS score for this Kohi Click Test.

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Basically, Kohi is an ex Minecraft gaming server famous for its diehard faction gaming modes. In Minecraft games, CPS is a primary driving force for gamers to dominate their opponents. Therefore, we suggest spending a decent amount of time practicing your clicking speed here on this Kohi Click Test to dominate in real-time games. Good Luck!

Online Kohi Click Test

This particular click test is specially designed for Minecraft gamers to take their clicking speed to the next level with no glitch or lagging. So, their enhanced clicking skill due to this game can come in handy in player versus player combat in games.


First and foremost, this click test mainly assists gamers in enhancing their skill arsenal. Additionally, this game is quite beneficial for gamers to get an edge over their opponents in critical situations, some of which are mentioned below.

Joltfly | Kohi Click Test CPS-Features

One on One Combat

Most Importantly, practicing and enhancing click speed can pay off well in player versus player fights. It would lend you not only extra time but also increase the chances of you hitting your opponent more often.


This game can help in building UHC and assist in other game modes involving bricks and blocks. You can click fast to get walls up between you and an enemy quickly. These barriers can eventually help in blocking yourself from enemies and their arrows. Users can also use these walls to trap an enemy inside them.

Minecraft Bridging Assistant

Undoubtedly, the practice of this game from scratch can help you in building Minecraft bridges with higher speed than ever before. Moreover, this game will provide an extra boost to existing bridging techniques such as StanMPL, God Bridging, Breezily Bridge, Bleeple bridging, and more.

Furthermore, this game can assist you in other Minecraft game modes such as sky wars, quickly rushing into other islands, or getting to the center chests. It can be of use in hunger games to bridge over someone stomping them. It can also come in handy in bed wars to get to the other team’s bed promptly.

Ranks of Kohi Click Game

Moreover, users can achieve one of the following ranks in this game based on the presentation of their gaming skills. Whereas these ranks have nothing to do with the Minecraft game and its modes, they are just added in this game for the leaderboard to spark up the competition, restraint users from getting bored, and keep the fun alive.

Moreover, these ranks would be awarded on highly competitive grounds as getting a 20 CPS score is not easy as crunching on a piece of cookie.

Koala Rank

It is a satisfactory rank for the gamers who are just getting started in this exclusive Kohi clicking game.

Tom Rank

It is the best rank for the gamers burning the midnight oil to take their game to the next level.

Hound Rank

If you manage to get this rank in this clicking game, then you are not far from being the best.

Chipmunk Rank

It is one of the premium ranks of this click test, Just one level short of this game’s leading rank.

Cougar Rank

The supreme rank of this game, we bow before the master, its time to take on Minecraft PVP.

Are You Passionate About Minecraft?

Do you want to be the best player in your game? Kohi Click Test is an online game that helps players improve their skills. It’s like having your own personal trainer! You can practice and play with friends, too. The more you play, the better you get!

If you love playing Minecraft, then this is the perfect online game for you. You will have fun while learning how to become a better player. With our new update, we added time limit challenges so now it’s even more fun to play with friends and family members!

We also made some changes to make sure all of our users are happy with their experience on Kohi Click Test. Now there are no pop-ups during gameplay – just pure fun! And if something goes wrong while playing, don’t worry because we fixed bugs as well! This is one of the most exciting updates yet so begin today and start improving your skills right away!

How to play Kohi Click Game

This game is quite simple and easy to use. Most Importantly, there is no requirement to download fancy apps or software.

Therefore, users can start playing this game just by tapping on the clicking area. We would recommend hitting the area as fast as you can using your computer mouse or touchpad, which one is available. Moreover, users can use techniques such as jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, drag clicking, and badlion clicking to get an edge in this game.

After the time is up, a box will pop up showcasing your rank, your cps, your total clicks, and indeed a message of admiration for your efforts. Additionally, you can share your rank on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and even on WhatsApp to challenge your friends if they can dare to beat your record.

Lastly, you can either tap on the exit button at the right top corner of the popup box or the retry button at the popup box’s bottom center to replay the game. Alternatively, users can just tap anywhere outside of the popup box to replay the game.


What is Kohi Click Test world record?

World records(WR) for these kinds of tests are often controversial and hard to believe as users frequently abuse third-party tools and use other schemes to trick the system. However, the highest clicks per second recorded on this test are 13.9 CPS.

How fast can you click?

Users can get as many as 20 to 25 CPS scores, meaning the fastest clicks in this test will earn them a high score of twenty to twenty-five clicks per second in this kohi click test.

How to cheat or hack the Kohi Click Test?

There is no use of hacking or cheating in this unblocked version of the click test as it is designed to practice for the different modes in the Minecraft game. Although users can use the inspect elements of their browser to trick their friends with gigantic scores.