Spacebar 100 Hits Score Challenge

Welcome, to this unique Spacebar 100 Hits Score Challenge. Unlike other spacebar challenges, there is no time constraint involved in this challenge. Therefore, all you need is to hit the spacebar key 100 times. So, without wasting any time, click on the play button below to get started.

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As discussed earlier, this challenge does not involve any sort of time constraint, so the competition here is to tap the spacebar key a hundred times as soon as possible to get the maximum HPS score. Moreover, do let us know about your experience. We are awaiting your feedback, and meanwhile, don’t forget to try these fantastic Spacebar Counter challenges as well.

Features of Spacebar 100 Hits Score Challenge

Joltfly | Spacebar 100 Hits Score Challenge HPS-Features

So, do you know that? The highest hits per second in this challenge is 12 HPS, so the top scorer completed this challenge in just 8.33 seconds.