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Now, you can measure and improve your reading speed of content in any language with our free Reading Speed Test tool!

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It’s user-friendly and efficient, perfect for measuring your reading speed in words per minute (wpm) and enhancing your reading skills. So, don’t let slow reading hold you back – try our test today to track your progress and join a community of avid readers.

Online Text Reading Speed Test

Improve your reading speed and comprehension with our fun and free Reading Speed Test tool.

Choose a text, test yourself with any device, and compare your speed with others.

Take the Reading Speed Challenge by reading the text of your choice, testing your speed before and after, and sharing your results with fellow readers.

Become a faster and more efficient reader today!

What are the Benefits of Reading Faster and Better?

Reading is crucial for learning, expanding knowledge, improving communication, and enjoying leisure time.

By reading faster and better, you can save time and energy, enhance your memory and comprehension, increase focus and concentration, and develop critical thinking and creativity.

Improving your reading skills can positively impact your personal and professional life. Take this test now to improve your efficiency!

Why Should You Use the Reading Speed Test?

Improve your reading speed and comprehension with this test.

It’s a fun and useful tool that helps you track your progress, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and discover new strategies to read faster and better.

Our tool is perfect for students and professionals who need to read quickly and efficiently.

It’s backed by research and fact-checked for accuracy, so you can be confident in your results.

Plus, as you improve your reading skills, you’ll enjoy reading more and be able to explore new topics and genres.

Reading Speed Test-Features

How to Use This Test?

Simply paste your text in the text-box and hit start.

This tool will update the word count in the test and the timer will start ticking.

Read as fast as you can and click stop when finished.

Your reading speed will be displayed in the wpm.

You can use the reset button to retry the test, we recommend using new texts each time to challenge yourself.


How accurate is the Reading Speed Test tool?

Our tool uses a scientifically validated method so that you can be confident in your results. However, your reading speed may vary depending on factors like the text type and your concentration level.

Can I test my reading speed in different languages?

Yes, the tool supports multiple languages to test your reading speed in the language of your choice.

How can I improve my reading speed?

Strategies like using a pointer, practicing speed reading exercises, and focusing on the text’s main ideas can help.

What is a good reading speed?

It depends on your goals and the text type. For example, a 200-300 wpm reading speed may be sufficient for a novel, but faster reading may be required for technical documents or exam preparation.

What is the average reading speed?

The average reading speed for adults is about 200 to 250 wpm, but this varies depending on factors such as text type, reading purpose, and individual skills.