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Are you getting instant auto double clicks despite clicking your mouse button once? There is a high chance that your mouse is abnormally double-clicking. Check the status & health of your mouse buttons via this mouse double click test.

Simple : 00
Double : 00
Left Clicks
Simple : 00
Double : 00
Middle Clicks
Simple : 00
Double : 00
Right Clicks

The abnormal double clicks of the mouse are pretty common in older devices, leading to the strange behavior of the mouse buttons, eventually ruining the overall experience. If you are dealing with such a phenomenon, dont worry; we have got you covered.

Mouse Double Click Test

Double clicks are commonly used among PC users to perform a handful of routine actions, such as opening a folder or file or selecting a word in the text.

If the mouse is not efficiently performing the double clicks, it can be really frustrating and compromising your performance.

This mouse double click test helps you identify if your mouse is double-clicking so you can get it fixed.

How to Use Mouse Double Click Test

This mouse double click test is very simple to use.

All you need to do is click on the deck with your mouse button, which is behaving abnormally, whether it is your left, middle, or right mouse button.

There are three indication boxes right above the deck showcasing the respective mouse button’s performance status. For example, in case of abnormal double click, the indication box of the concerned mouse button will turn red.

Each indication box represents the respective mouse button and showcases the simple and double-clicks counter. Keep an eye on them while testing your mouse buttons. If any of the boxes turn red, then there is an issue with the respective mouse button.

You can use the reset button just beside the indication boxes to reset this mouse double click test so you can retest your mouse or touchpad device.

Features of Double Click Test

Joltfly | Mouse Double Click Test Features

What Can Possibly Cause A Mouse to Double Click?

There are multiple reasons which can cause a mouse to double click. One of the most common reasons is the older worn-out mouse. Other common reasons causing the problematic mouse are mentioned below:

Double click settings for your mouse set too low can cause this hectic problem. You can quickly fix this issue by adjusting the double click speed in mouse settings via the control panel.

Signal Interference can also be the reason for double clicks in wireless mouses. However, you can avoid such a phenomenon by keeping the high-end electronic devices away from your pc.

Dirt and dust clogged in your mouse buttons can interfere with the mouse switch buttons, compromising their performance, resulting in abnormal behavior. Thoroughly cleaning your mouse can help in such a scenario.

Circuit malfunction or defective tension spring can cause the mouse to generate double clicks on a single tap. Try the mouse accuracy test and consider professional assistance in such a scenario.

How to Fix Mouse Double Clicks?

First of all, adjust your mouse double click settings through mouse properties via the control panel and check if it works for you.

Secondly, make sure that your mouse is properly cleaned and there is no dirt or dust clogged in mouse switches causing the trouble.

Finally, you may need professional help to get your double click fix in case of a defective circuit or compromised tension spring.


Does double click speed has any impact on gaming?

The purpose of double click speed is to assist you in opening files or folders at an adjustable rate as per your comfort level. Meanwhile, it has no impact on your clicks while gaming.

How to adjust mouse double click speed?

You can easily adjust your mouse’s double click speed in windows. For this purpose, hold the window key and press R (Window + R), type main.cpl, and hit enter; it will open mouse properties in the buttons section; you can adjust the double click speed.