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The Joltfly brings an exclusive Drag Click Test for its users enthusiastic about click games, So begin this game by simply tapping on the click-box below.

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Unlike other Click Tests on this platform, this drag-click game is a bit different, where you can register plenty of clicks by just dragging your fingers on the mouse. However, as we know that we cant achieve this milestone with conventional mouses; therefore, special mouses are used to perform drag clicking.

We are glad to announce that you can now practice the next level of this exclusive test, which is a lot similar to this conventional drag clicking, on this Backwards Drag Click Test.

Drag Click Online Test

This game is mainly designed for fun and amusement purposes. Drag clicking falls under the spam category of online games like Minecraft PVP. You can even get banned from the Hypixel server if you abuse such techniques in your player versus player combat because of unhuman CPS. 

However, you can play this game here to amaze your friends with some unexpected clicks registered within a hint of seconds. Moreover, users can flaunt their scores and ranks in this game on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Additionally, you can record your videos drag clicking and post them on TikTok or YouTube to outburst social media trends.

Features of Drag Click Test

Just like any other game on Joltfly, we have ensured the best user experience in this test as well.

Because of its cross-browser compatibility, this game performs pretty well on the latest versions of renowned browsers such as Google Chrom, Microsoft Edge and Safari browser.

This website’s responsive design makes it both desktop and mobile-friendly, so our users can enjoy this game either on a personal computer or mobile phone.

Due to its straightforward design, this click test is simple and easy to use.

Joltfly | Drag Click Test CPS-Features

Just like any other gamer, you want to register more clicks than anyone else. But with conventional mouses, it is impossible to drag your fingers on the mouse; therefore, you can’t achieve this milestone.

With the Joltfly Drag Click Test game, you can drag your finger on the mouse and perform hundreds of clicks in one minute! It’s easy to play – just drag your finger across the screen as fast as possible without lifting it up until time runs out! The faster you go, the higher score you get!

If you want to be a clicker champion or if clicking is something that makes your life easier then try playing our Drag Click Game now for free.

How to Play Drag Click Game

If you have read this guide from the very beginning, you might be familiar with what drag clicking is, and we can’t perform it on any other mouse. So, in order to register mouse clicks using the drag clicking method, we need special gaming mice which are relatively heavier in weight and have less click delay.

So, now you have figured out exactly what kind of mouse is required to achieve drag clicks. Therefore, you can start our game by clicking on the tapping area and start dragging your fingers across the mouse button as fast as possible to register maximum clicks in the span of 10 seconds.

Although we recommend using special mice to fully utilize this technique in your game; meanwhile, you can also practice this technique on any mouse by holding it tight from its base and dragging fingers across as usual.


What is drag clicking, and how to do it?

Drag clicking is a clicking method where you drag your fingers across your left or right mouse button while applying gentle pressure forcing your mouse to register a large number of clicks.

How to enhance drag clicking performance?

Users can enhance their drag clicking performance by wrapping tape on the mouse button to reduce the friction between the mouse button and fingers while you are dragging your fingers across the mouse buttons.

How to drag click with tape?

Grab an electric tape and stick a piece of it on the mouse button vertically on your click path, leave it there for a while, and then remove it. That sticky surface will make it easy for you to drag click. If you are beginner it’ll take some time for you to get better at it, so keep on practicing.

How to drag click without tape?

The best possible solution is to buy a mouse that already has a good surface texture for drag clicking. Before starting wash your hands thoroughly and dry them, and make sure they aren’t sweaty or oily. Moreover, practice drag clicking on different surfaces like your table, floor, and so on. Lastly, practice until you become good at it.