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Play this game by clicking on the area highlighted below nonstop for just ten seconds and check how fast you can click in this Butterfly Click Test.

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Unlike the other clicking techniques, butterfly clicking has gained quite a popularity in recent times because of the extensive click speed that comes along. Moreover, this methodology helps the gamers to outperform their opponents in competitive games like Minecraft.

Butterfly Click Online Test

If you are willing to go out of the box to outplay your rivals in games involving clicking, then this game is the best suit for you. Most importantly, this game helps in enhancing your clicking skills to the next level with some extensive amount of practice.

Unlike the other modes of clicking games, this game is relatively easy to master. All you need to do is click with two fingers of your choice; alternatively, when one finger is idle, click with the second one and repeat this alternate clicking phenomenon. This way, you can increase your clicks per second.

This click test is an example of a simple game that can be used for testing your reaction time.

How fast are you? Find out now!

Click like crazy and see how long you can last in this Butterfly Click Test. If you want to challenge another person, play against them by sharing the link to this game. The player with the best score wins! Play Now!

Features of Butterfly Click Test

Significantly, this click test’s distinctive feature is it is relatively safe to perform and practice besides other click tests such as the jitter click test. Also, this technique doesn’t come hard at your muscles and joints, making it one of the secure methods.

Moreover, users can enjoy this butterfly click game anytime when they are on the internet as a time killer with no such requirement to download applications or software.


Besides time killing, this game will eventually enhance your tapping skills amplifying your skill arsenal.

Moreover, users can enjoy their time challenging their friends on social media by setting records for them to break.

Like other games on Joltfly, this game is also mobile-friendly. So, users can enjoy playing this game on their mobile devices as well.

Joltfly | Butterfly Click Test CPS-Features

How to Play Butterfly Click Game

Just like any other game on Joltfly, this game is simply straightforward to use. So, you can start the game only by tapping on the “Click Me To Start Playing” in the box, afterwards begin tapping on the clickable area as fast as you can for 10 seconds straight.

After a while, an automatic message box will show up having your cps score, a message of joy, and a rank based on your cps score. Moreover, users can share their ranks, and cps score on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

Note: If you are a newbie in this game, we will recommend staying consistent and gradually practicing tons of time to be a pro at this game.


What is butterfly clicking, and how to do it?

Butterfly clicking is a clicking method devised by the gaming community to get maximum clicks per second in a game, specifically in Minecraft PVP. You can butterfly by simply placing two fingers on the tip of the mouse button and tapping it alternatively with both fingers.

Is Butterfly clicking dangerous?

First and foremost, Butterfly clicking is relatively more comfortable and safer to perform and has no significant health threats. Whereas extensive clicking with no in-between session breaks can be drastic for your arm muscles and finger bones, try to stick to the moderate approach to avoid such hazards.